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Gaia Verde Holdings

Our main operation is to manufacture Renewable Biofuel / Bio Gas “Syngas” for Industrial & Domestic use.

What does it mean by Clean Sustainable Renewable Biofuel? It is a sustainable process of manufacturing clean alternate energy material that does not require any use of fossil fuel (Coal, Diesel) or Nuclear energy or tapping in to Government Power Source. It is our technology and our skills to produce and to provide clean and alternate energy source in a most sustainable way.

It is the process of making alternate Liquid & Gas Fuel called Sync Gas, with the capability of any petroleum but more cleaner , renewable, sustainable and 100% environment friendly. Using European made manufacture systems, machinery, it’s process that does not pollute the Air and Environment which we live in. That is what makes our quality and quantity in great demand from all around the world.

The most interesting part of our business is that this project, we collect all waste from commercial and domestic , for example:- rubber from tires, plastic from bottles, wood from damage furniture, wood waste from fallen trees, turning them to useful energy. Thus, this is not all the machine can do. Meaning these machines are able to produce Bio Char (Bio-Coal) and Bio-Oil (Clean Lubricant Engine Oil). Main Objective is to produce Bio Gas, it can be use as LPG Gas for homes stoves and heating elements, and Turnkey for industrial gas turbine producing 1-12MW of electricity.


  • To replace depleting Petroleum Gas as a renewable sustainable replacement for LPG,
  • It can clean engine parts,
  • Never Run Out, meaning it is sustainable,
  • Better Control over quality and quantity of the production:-
    • There are no third parties involved in the whole process, fully
    • This facility does not need to purchase any raw materials, any fuel and etc., from third party suppliers, which make us more control over Quality and Quantity,
  • 100% “Green” Sustainable Manufacturing Technology,
    • Meaning this production facility generate its own power to support manufacturing process.

We will have 100 acres of industrial land for stockpile of raw material (over 6 months’ supply), and 100acres land to house 6 warehouses with US and European wood pellet manufacturing machines. This production facility will be able to sustain the production volume and quality of the product, to give our clients the confidence in doing business with our company. This complete process from start (growing) the raw materials to exporting (end product) is fully managed by the management of Gaia Verde Holdings.

We will be acquiring reliable machineries from USA, Germany, Finland, Belgium and France that will ensure Quality and Quantity to our Clients. By having reliable machinery from these countries, breakdown and repair cost is minimized to the lowest so that facility will have stable production, that is guaranteed for buyers to fortified their trust and assurance buying from us.

This project preparation has been on-going for more than 6 year now, and we have gained much experience and knowledge from professional European manufacturers who have been in the manufacturing of the wood pellets business since 1987. From their expertise, we have gained much knowledge and experience in wood pellet manufacturing business.

The location of this factory will be set in Malaysia ( Asia ), because Malaysia have an abundance of land space and untapped resources that proof to be of an asset to our manufacturing company. Located in Manjong, Perak state of Malaysia, 2 hour distance from the nearest bulk and containerized port of Malaysia (Lumut Port & Port Klang). Location of the Production factory is mapped closely for the shortest distance between our raw material and the export ports, this will greatly reduce the arrival time and delivery time of our product to the clients. Furthermore this facility is about less than 1 km away from the sea, which gives us a great advantage by having our own bulk loading facility, cost of un-necessary transportation will be greatly reduced.